Smart home technologies have been proved to be quite efficient and effective in making the progress toward Future Buildings. Living in a regular home will not be fun enough in future smart buildings. The 21st century is full of scientific innovations. Future buildings with smart homes in them are some of the best innovations, or rather improvisations of technologies that this century has gifted us.


Let us tell you about 5 amazing features of a smart home in future buildings:

1. Hyper Proactive Security Systems


Smart homes come with smart security systems. Gone are the days where you had to put locks and chains on your doors. In a smart home, everything is secured with the help of a combination of amazing technologies.


With strategically placed digital cameras cover almost all of the penetrable space, and muti-feed security analyzer which acts as a shield in case anything goes wrong, smart homes can keep our families much safer.

2. Automated Entertainment Units


In a smart home of future buildings, all of your smart entertainment devices communicate with the users in the language user sets. You can essentially just leave everything to the devices and they will keep you entertained with your favorite movies, music, videos, and much more. You can even customize the entire mood of the house based on your mood. If you want the shart lightings to be changed into more pleasing lighter lights, you just have to say so.

3. Climate Control Inside Smart House



This is seriously one of the best features of a smart home in a future building. The real-time temperature sensors outside the home are active 24x7 in order to sense the climate conditions. Based on the sensors, the HVAC systems of the home can manage the in-house temperature ambiently. That too is a fully automated process.

You don't have to worry about the humidity anymore if you have a place near the beach. You can even enjoy the weather of some of the coolest places on the earth just by commanding it to the smart home.

4. Fan, Lights, Curtains - Everything Under The Control Of Your Voice Commands

Flickr/ Jake Khuon

Just think it of this way, you walk into the house facing scarring heat outside and want to relax on your couch. You suddenly realize that you forgot to turn the AC or the fan on.

Wouldn’t it be just amazing if you could just say, “switch on the fan” and the fan starts rotating? That is exactly what a smart home is all about. You can just adjust the lighting systems of the house depending on your mood, you can raise the curtains without even going to your windows.

5. Smart Bathrooms and Toilets Are Just Too Much Fun

Technology has taken humans from forests to smart bathrooms. Literally. Smart toilets are digital features enabled toilets which can take the spotlight off the entire smart home. They have water temperature control, different pressure settings of flash jets and everything is automated. No manual labor is required, other than of course..yeah you guessed it right.