In recent years there is no doubt to anyone that has even moderately kept up on technological advances that in little time our world is likely to be quite different from it is today.  When it comes to the environments that we will live, work and shop in, this is no less true.  There are a number of recent developments that tell us a great deal about what we should expect future steel buildings to look like, inside and out.

When it comes to the outside of buildings there are a number of things that are likely to change in the next century, the first being the implementation of renewable energy devices.  Most people are fully aware of what solar panels are and what they can offer, but as their use increases they are going to grow in prominence and drop in price exponentially.  It will not be long before we can expect to see panels on the roofs of building, whether they be urban or rural, residential or commercial.

There has been new developments in this technology that will likely lead to even windows being a means of converting solar energy.  While not yet being used, the technology has been produced and just like other technologies we have seen it will likely grow in its use relatively quickly.

Inside of buildings we are almost definitely going to continue to see a growth in the use of smart devices.  These can control who can enter a building, heating and cooling devices and so much more.  The focus of most smart devices that we will experience inside of businesses will be concerned with increasing comfort, reducing energy costs and waste as well as increasing security.

We already see a lot of this technology inside of homes and businesses but in the next few decades this will likely become common place everywhere that we go.  It will certainly be interesting to see how far these technologies will develop.  As far as anyone can tell almost everything will be able to be controlled remotely or be smart enough to react appropriately to changes in each room of a building.

The future of what we can expect buildings to look like will most likely be right out of our favorite science fiction television shows and movies.  While we may not develop teleportation, it is sure that technology will be at the root of the majority of our experiences.